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Research Software Engineering

e-Research is a new Department at KCL which is being created to help enable and facilitate computational- and data-intensive research across the university.

A core component of e-Research will be supporting research through a Research Software Engineering capability. A team of Research Software Engineers (RSEs) will be recruited to help elevate the level of computational- and data-science proficiency across campus. The RSE team will work to achieve this by:

  1. contributing directly to code development underpinning research projects,
  2. providing guidance and recommendations to PhD students and Post-docs developing their own code, and
  3. delivering training and short courses on computational- and data-science methods

The RSE team will consist of software engineers with a range of different academic backgrounds and expertise.

For the "contributing directly to code development underpinning research projects" role above, the RSE's time will be costed into research grants, and a proportion of the RSE's time will be directly allocated code development for this research projects.

At the time of writing, e-Research is about to embark on the recruitment of the first positions in the Research Software Engineering team.

The RSE team will work closely with our RSE colleagues in Arts and Humanities in Kings Digital Lab.