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KCL Research Software Engineering Community

The central Research Software Engineering team at e-Research is establishing a new community for all Research Software Engineers (RSEs) at King’s College London.

A Research Software Engineer is usually someone with technical software expertise and a good understanding of research who carries out software development for research projects. However, the term can be inclusive to post-docs and PhD students who carry out significant software development.

The community will be an effort to help RSEs who are embedded into research groups to:

  • Connect with other fellow RSEs across the faculties and generalist RSEs within e-Research
  • Communicate their needs and feedback to e-Research in terms of infrastructure and training
  • Get to know more about ongoing research activities within King's
  • Share knowledge and experience on common challenges while developing software for research
  • Mentor junior RSEs or be mentored by senior RSEs where possible
  • Provide an opportunity for RSEs to present their work and improve communication skills


30th April 2024

  • Time: 14:00 - 16:00
  • Location: TBC, London


  • Steffen Zschaler - Informatics / MDENet
  • Daniel Leightley - Department of Population Health Sciences