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CREATE Working Group

Technology Scope

  • HPC
  • OpenStack Cloud
  • Public Cloud
  • Trusted Research Environment
  • Related integrations (e.g. research data storage, instrument pipelines)


  • Steering and prioritisation of e-Research engineering road map
  • Development and implementation of platform policies (e.g. storage recharging)
  • Identification and prioritisation of training requirements
  • Identification of emerging technologies for POC implementation by e-Research
  • Oversight of operational peformance (satisfaction surveys, KPIs, review of major incidents)
  • Representation of the broader KCL research community (requirements gathering, escalation of recurring grumbles, etc)
  • Development of business cases for further investment in e-Research capital and people
  • Development and oversight of cost recovery mechanims via research grant funding

Meetings and Outputs

  • Quarterly
  • Chair reports meeting highlights to e-Research Governance Board
  • Approved recommendations on projects, policy and investment are taken to e-Research Governance Board for sign-off


  1. Chris Lorenz, Department of Physics (Chair)
  2. Jiangping He, Department of Geography
  3. Dimitar Pashov, Department of Physics
  4. Lukasz Zalewski, e-Research
  5. Ian Grant, SLaM BRC
  6. Mario Falchi, Department of Twins Research
  7. Marc Modat, School of Biomedical Engineering and Imaging Sciences
  8. Alan Hodgkinson, Department of Genetics
  9. Francesca Ciccarelli, Comprehensive Cancer Centre
  10. Franca Fraternali, Randall Institute
  11. Chris Lorenz, Department of Physics
  12. Martin Ulmschneider, Department of Chemistry
  13. Martin Wooster, Department of Geography
  14. Amos Folarin, SLaM BRC
  15. Matt Penn, Head of Scientific Computing Infrastructure, e-Research
  16. Andrew Cantell, School of Biomedical Engineering and Imaging Sciences
  17. Karl Everett, Head of Infrastructure, IT
  18. Mark Driver, Head of Platforms, IT
  19. James Smithies, Digital Humanities
  20. TBC, King's Business School
  21. Miaojing Shi, Department of Informatics
  22. Mansoor Saqi, GSTT BRC
  23. Jose Miguel Moteiro Vieira, King's Digital Lab
  24. Daniel Handlon, Head of e-Research Data, e-Research
  25. Skylar Kelty, Senior Research Infrastructure Engineer, e-Research
  26. Xand Meaden, Senior Research Infrastructure Engineer, e-Research
  27. Grant Wray, MRC Centre for Neurodevelopmental Disorders