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CREATE TRE Onboarding Process for Trusted Research Environment (TRE)

Welcome to the onboarding process for our Trusted Research Environment. This guide will walk you through the steps to get your sensitive data assets securely integrated into our TRE for your project.

Important Notice: Expected Wait Times

Project timelines may vary considerably due to high demand and the complex nature of the projects we manage. We will take into consideration the time constraints and other requirements of your specific project to coordinate agreeable and realistic timelines. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to deliver our highest standard of service, security, and governance.

Step 1: Initial Contact

If your dataset is sensitive for instance, if it includes personal information like names, addresses, phone numbers, or email addresses, sensitive health information, including medical records or health insurance details, or any other type of information that can be used to identify an individual or contains private matters – you might require a Trusted Research Environment for your project, please initiate the process by contacting us.

Following your email, we will contact you to arrange a meeting where we can discuss the details of your project.

Step 2: Pre-Meeting Preparation

Once the meeting is scheduled, please complete the following forms to save time and better understand the requirements for your project:

Step 3: Review Costing Model

  • Please review our costing model for the TRE services. The details can be found here: Costing Model

Step 4: Training and Documentation

Complete the necessary trainings and provide the requested documents:

Step 5: TRE Deployment

At this stage, we will deploy the TRE environment for your project and provide you with the access details.

Step 6: Dataset Transfer

After the deployment is completed, we will arrange for the dataset transfer to your TRE project using an agreed method (SFTP,, etc.).

Step 7: Completion and Access

At this stage, your project is marked as live. You can now enjoy working on your research project in a highly safe environment.

For any further assistance or queries regarding the onboarding process, feel free to contact us at

graph TD
    A[Step 1: Initial Contact] -->|Email| B[Arrange Meeting]
    B --> C[Step 2: Pre-Meeting Preparation]
    C -->|Complete Onboarding Form and Data Risk Model| D[Step 3: Review Costing Model]
    D --> E[Step 4: Training and Documentation]
    E --> F[Step 5: TRE Deployment]
    F --> G[Step 6: Dataset Transfer]
    G --> H[Step 7: Completion and Access]
    H --> I{End: Start Your Research!}