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e-Research Governance Board


  • Senior oversight of King's e-Research strategy

Meetings and Outputs

  • Quarterly
  • Consider recommendations from working groups


  1. Professor Reza Razavi, VP Research
  2. Doctor Martin Kirk, Operations Director (Research and Researchers)
  3. Nicholas Leake, Chief Information Officer
  4. Professor Chris Lorenz (Chair), Physics
  5. Doctor Richard Christie, Director of e-Research
  6. Doctor Daniel Hanlon, Head of e-Research Data
  7. Matt Penn, Head of Scientific Computing Infrastructure
  8. Doctor Arianna Ciula, Director King's Digital Lab
  9. Professor Franca Fraternali, Head of Department, Randall Centre for Cell & Molecular Biophysics
  10. Professor Graeme Earl, Digital Humanities
  11. Professor Oscar Marin, Head of Centre for Developmental Neurobiology
  12. Professor James Smithies, Digital Humanities
  13. Gareth Wright, Director of IT Services
  14. Jonathan Ward, Director of IT Solutions